Get involved at ESSEC !


Associations at ESSEC grew bigger and bigger as passionate students endeavoured to implement their ideas.

A few names may be put forward, but what made ESSEC what it is today is the tremendous amount of energy that more than 50 000 students dedicated to it, hoping to mark the school’s (school plutôt) History. We are talking about a school where the biggest sport office in Europe meets the most important student forum for debates, a school where everybody has the opportunity to build his own projects, a school which each of us can contribute to.


With more than 90 associations and hundreds of events each year, ESSEC can be proud to offer its students both a thrilling associative life and a high-quality education.


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On this website you will discover the many forms associative involvement can take at ESSEC, and thus realize that ESSEC is nothing but a mighty stepping stone !


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Last update : 04/12/2014
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